Whens the Weld Exploit being patched?

I wish I could provide more information but exploiters (on filtering enabled games) are able to weld other players to their character and can adjust the C1 and C0 of these welds to instakill other players (setting the C1 to something like CFrame.new(0,-1000,0).

This can also be used to teleport to players or teleport players to you, and I’m sure it can do other annoying things as well.

I’m not sure of any temporary patches I could add to my game other than making a localscript search for welds on a loop but that still sounds unreliable.


Could you use DescendantAdded under the character to look for welds that are not whitelisted? Better than a loop.

Edit: For example you could have:

[code]local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Character = player.Character
if child:IsA(“JointInstance”) then
local player0 = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(child.Part0.Parent)
local player1 = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(child.Part1.Parent)
if player0 and player1 and player0 ~= player1 then
– this is a weld between two different Players



This is happening all over Phantom Forces, players are teleporting everywhere…


Are you sure this is due to Welds vs some other mechanism? There are some other known methods that do a similar thing. There should be a patch in place for these in the next release.

My friend sent me the code that they run to perform the exploit (via dll injected command bar or something of the sort) and it was really just creating a weld between to players and offsetting the target to below the line that destroys parts in the workspace.

According to HypocriticalDragon, a mod for PF, this was fixed unless its been unfixed again.

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Don’t know if it was an old server or not but there was someone doing it in a server this morning.

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I have not experienced this in my game since it was patched some months ago.
I really hope you’re wrong about this.

Definitely still possible:

Sorry for the disorienting position, wanted to capture the killfeed because what happens on any other part of the screen would be irrelevant. I also press Tab a lot when playing, apparently.

It was xdaDev doing this, he was still able to teleport behind people, and because I was still able to kill him he started doing this.

Edit: Meant to reply to @GuestCapone

…and this is why I make my own characters, not that easy to exploit.

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I can confirm this is still an ongoing problem :frowning:

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If your characters have a humanoid in them they can probably weld that too.

I was just shown in an FE game that this exploit works.

   local Mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
   if Mouse.Target and Mouse.Target.Parent:IsA('Model') then

They use this API

cc @ConvexHero


Thanks. There is an upcoming patch that should fix the issue with Player:Move.

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