Where are CharacterMesh's located on R15 characters?

I know with R6 you just use CharacterMesh, but that doesn’t work with R15. I’m trying to remove players packages for a round. All players are R15.

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R15 uses MeshParts instead of CharacterMesh’s. Try changing the parts MeshId instead. There might be an easier way to remove packages.
You could have a folder containing the limbs and change the MeshId to the corresponding limbs in the player’s character.

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for _, v in pairs(player.Character:GetChildren()) do
	if v:IsA('MeshPart') then
		v.MeshId = ''

Unable to assign property MeshId. Script write access is restricted

I believe it is in your best interest to wait for this to be enabled. All other methods of doing this are hacky and awful because meshpart ID cannot be changed during runtime.


If you’re impatient, CloneTrooper has created a solution for this that you may be able to adapt to your own needs.