Where are my GUIs located

I am trying to make a basic homescreen but everything is looking good until it doesnt work.

The scripts work but I realise that it is got to do with the location of the GUI

Are the GUIs located in LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.NameOfGui or are there located directly in StarterGui

Edit: I looked through everywhere and all i got are tutorials on how to tween and how to insert GUIs into workspace.

Thank you :slight_smile:


it is located in PlayerGui
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Yes, the guis that were in StartGui when you test go in PlayerGui when you run the game.

All Guis in StarterGui are replicated into every player’s PlayerGui, which is also why code in Server scripts does not run when parented to an object in StarterGui.

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That is where the chat and the Freecam and other UI’s are.

The StarterGui is just a template. Everything inside it is replicated and placed under game>Players>[PlayerName]>PlayerGui

So if I say in the script StarterGui, it won’t do anything.

ServerStorage is another container, used for storage of anything you want not to be replicated to a client, storing instances here rather than game.Lighting reduces network traffic too.


A regular/server script somewhere in StarterGui won’t work, but a local script will.

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No, nothing would happen. You would have to reference to the PlayerGui folder under the player. Read this thread by @ChipioIndustries for more information about this: