Where can I find detailed Voice Chat documentation?

I’m looking for more documentation on how to work with Voice Chat in experiences.

Where is the voice chat sound object located/emitted from? How do I detect a speaker’s current emission volume? Is the sound source emitted from the head, HRP, or the center of the character model? Does it have a volume property or am I expected to only use a distance changing method? If I’m expected to change volume using distance, what’s the distance falloff? Can I add the voice chat object to a sound group? Where is the mic status BillboardUI located? How do I detect if a player is muted on the client side? Are there VoiceChatBegan/VoiceChatEnded events?

There is very little documentation in the latest Roblox Creator API Reference.

This is all I could find and there isn’t much info from any of these sources:
VoiceChatService | Roblox Creator Documentation
Spatial Voice | Roblox Creator Documentation
Spacial Voice Developer Beta

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There is not much documentation for voice chat as it is not officially released.