Where can I find resources on animation?

Hi, I’ve been having a lot of issues with finding good resources on how to animate in Roblox. The ones I have found on the Dev Forums have been okay, but they all either discuss different topics or use different methods. The youtube videos I have found have all been made for beginners and usually last for around 6 minutes. How do people actually learn how to animate on this game? Post that Ive read that I found useful:

I don’t expect to make anything amazing, the guides have helped me to make a couple animations, but its all surface level. I’m wondering how I can make idle and walk animations. I’m using the Motor6D method from the How to animate Tool Parts guide, but I’ve seen it used nowhere else and have no clue if its best practice even though I like it. With that post, by Headstackk, I understand it wasn’t about animation but more about how animating tools can be done. Honestly, I dont know where to look or begin, so please link any resources.

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