Where can I find robloxs emote URLs

So I’ve been trying to use some roblox emotes on npcs but I couldn’t find url for those animations. I’ve tried copying id from catalog, but that doesn’t work. Does anyone know where can I find them. I’ve also looked into animate script but there are only default animations in it. also there is a remotefunction which gets invoked but I don’t know which script has onServerInvoke function for that. I’ve seen that Humanoid:PlayEmote(“Wave”) stuff but I’d prefer url because the way my script is set up

In the catalog check your url bar there should be the id I believe.

I did try that at first but the animation doesn’t play with that id

I think you may need to import it as an asset using the InsertService, this gets the asset id that can be used unlike the id that is found on the site.

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Hey! I made a hacky solution yesterday for someone with the same issue, all it does is prints the emote’s animation ID when the person emotes. This is the thread and it does have the file to be able to do this;

The thread to the same issue


I think your solution is very similar to mine, turning the site id into the asset id, notice how the id is slightly different. It is the same reason why when you manually insert an id into anything it changes. But both work. :slight_smile:

Okay I tried this

But there’s an error : AnimationId isn’t a valid member of the model.
Do I put the id in that LoadAsset from catalog?

I got the code you sent on that thread and saw what you were printing out. Thanks

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No problem , happy I was able to contribute towards a solution. :slight_smile:

It creates a child in the model, that has the Id in it, you can see it wherever you parent the model.

Rather it packs the uploaded asset on the site into a Model and returns it to the thread that called LoadAsset.

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