Where can I learn script?

I really want to learn script. I need someone to teach me script without any payments. You can contact me on discord Adeeb#8624. Also please make sure I can’t understand if I learn from devforum (read from devforum). I know the script is hard for me but please someone pro in the scripting please teach me :frowning:


Hey! A good place to learn to script would be at devforum.roblox.com since they provide tutorials you can follow. Another suggestion would be YouTube. I would suggest TheDevKing’s Beginner to Pro Series, but it is up to you.


Thank you for reply. You are the fastest people. Thank you because help me :slight_smile:

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No problem! I hope you can become a great scripter!


Learning how to script can be a long learning curve. I’d suggest learning the fundamentals from YouTube tutorials like the ones AlvinBlox makes, then practicing those fundamentals with your own little projects.

From my experience , AlvinBlox is outdated and , for NEW scripters , he can be confusing and doesn’t provide the best experience


The best place where u can learn scripting is
developer.roblox.com and devforum.roblox.com. I learned most of the basics here

He’s updated many of his tutorials, especially the ones which discuss fundamentals. All of said updates were created in 2020, he’s not at all outdated.

There are a lot of places to learn,Youtube,DevForum,Friends who can script,etc.

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So you’d like a 1-to-1 talk on how to program in Lua? For free? Are you off your box?

This is like your second post in a row asking for someone to do work for nothing. Can you either stop or actually provide something? No one on Earth is going to work for free, sorry.

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Hello developer brother!
Currently, Roblox has integrated many ways of learning to program with the LUA language because it believes that we all have the imagination and the ability to develop games within Roblox.
Developer Hub is the best place to start learning the basics such as printed statements, local variables, Boolean values, custom functions, variable math, properties, etc.
However, if this seems very complex and you cannot understand, there are other means to learn about LUA, such as the CK Studio + plugin, it is an extremely useful tool for novice programmers, CK Studio + gives you totally free courses, with follow-up of code (That is, it informs you if your code is wrong), it also has different languages ​​to adjust to your verbal comfort.
If you want to become a true programmer you can reinforce your knowledge in the YouTube tutorials or here, in this developer forum where we have tutorials from how to store data, to advanced block shaping.
I hope my answer has been useful to you. Next I will leave you the links of the places that I have mentioned in this answer.


I’m still learning how to script over quarantine, but I recommend watching YouTube videos! This channel by far has the best videos, they explain everything thoroughly. I suggest watching their beginner scripting tutorial playlist (then proceeding to the advanced tutorials) and following along whilst taking notes in a separate document. https://www.youtube.com/user/PeasFactory His videos are outdated since they were made a while ago, however they are extremely informative.

Lots of people may recommend AlvinBlox, but I disagree. He may be good for people with experience in scripting and people who know all basic fundamentals, and are ready to start making things. But, he isn’t the best option for beginners. He doesn’t explain things as good compared to Peasfactory.


The way I learned, was from tutorials, but there was one youtube scripter that stood out the most, he’s very instructive and helps with learning. https://www.youtube.com/user/PeasFactory/playlists they may be a little outdated, but it still helps for a good start, AlvinBlox is good also, but he’s good if you have a better start at learning. Therefor, I suggest you watch PeasFactory’s videos first, then AlvinBlox’s as he gets around the basics better, there’s also a site named https://www.lua.org/manual/5.4/ could also give you a great start!


AlvinBlox is a really good source to learn from, but I personally only watch some of his “advanced” videos. But, I usually watch thedevking, but hey that’s your opinion. But, if you want to learn lua, this website is the original lua-learning website.

I used alvinblox he has a nice voice and talks a bit of slow (what I think is nice) because I think the devking talks too fast for the begin I would always recommend a YouTube scripting series bc (alvinblox at least) gives you good examples were you can use the thing you just learned for