Where do I change/add the strafing animations?

I copied the Roblox animate script and changed the animations and what not. But now I have no clue how to get the strafing animations to work, since they no longer play and I can’t find anywhere to add them in the script. The closest thing I found was a post by a Roblox mod which simply said “The animation must be parented to the script”. Anyone know about this?


Did you set it in the table in the script and the values parented to the script?


There are no strafing animations in the table parented to the script or in the table in the script. I like triple checked that already. I found a strafingLocomotionMap in the script,

local strafingLocomotionMap = {}
local fallbackLocomotionMap = {}
local locomotionMap = strafingLocomotionMap

so I went through he whole script and never found anything getting inserted into the tables, but I don’t know what a locomotion map is anyways

Edit: I found this image when searching about a locomotion map,

so idk what would even get inserted into the table. Maybe different animations for each of the degrees or something


So are you trying to not change the movement direction when pressing A or D?

Or are you trying to change the character tilt?

What do you wanna do?

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When you move to the side, your character plays a different walk animation that is tilted to the side. Same with backwards movement and stuff.

but, as soon as I put my animations in the default Roblox script, they stopped playing.

I saw a couple post saying they don’t use ik or anything so it must be with the animations.

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So, I figured out what to do. You need to go into the Player folder in the game and turn on strafing animations. Here is the video I used:

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I already did that. That does make me think, maybe it has a different animation script so I will definitely take a look

Edit: That works, turns out I copied the script before I checked on strafing animations


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