Where do i need to put MouseButton1Click?

local ReplicatedStorage = game:WaitForChild("ReplicatedStorage")
local Remotes = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Remotes")
local RemoteEvent = Remotes:WaitForChild("DoubleMoneyGainEvent")

local screenGUI = script.Parent
local GuiHolder = screenGUI.GuiHolder
local UpgradesHolder = GuiHolder.UpgradesHolder
local StatsHolder = GuiHolder.StatsHolder
local DoubleMoneyGainButton = UpgradesHolder.DoubleMoney.UpgradeButton

	local Money = player.stats:FindFirstChild("Money")
	local Multi = player.stats:FindFirstChild("Multi")
	local NumberOfUpgrades = DoubleMoneyGainButton.NumberOfUpgrades
	if NumberOfUpgrades.Value == 0 and Money.Value >= 5 then
		Money.Value -= 5
		Multi.Value *= 2
		NumberOfUpgrades.Value += 1

You should put it in a LocalScript parented under the Button.

So the code would be:



What are you tryna achieve?

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You should delete the screengui variables because they only work in local scripts or put it in the remote event.

What do you mean? Also, why are you looking for a server event in a server that is clearly local