Where do i start for scripting

I don’t know if I’m in the right category but here we go.

So pretty much I want to learn scripting, I’ve been trying for multiple years and in the future I hope to be a pretty well-known person in the roblox forums that’s also multi talented i already know the basics in blender and I’m already an experienced animator so I want to learn the hardest genre and most paid for genre Scripting. I already watched a bunch of tutorials but all of them just sound so random like Local Scripts Replicated Storage Etc. I dont want to make this long but were did talented and famous scripters start? I want to learn scripting in a enjoyable way instead of just sitting down for hours watching tutorials and following word by word what they do i also want to be able to feel scripting and somehow relate it to the human world for example animation, 15 human joints and r15 i can refrence my body movements to my animations and for scripting i want to be able to do the same thing like when i go to sleep the player would be player=sleep i dont know how it would work because im a far from a professional and thats all i hope i can get some tips and feedback

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Many professional scripters start scripting by taking models from the toolbox and picking scripts apart and learning from them. The most hard to script and paid genre of games on Roblox are simulators in my opinion.

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You won’t learn that way anyways. Come up with something specific that you want to do, other than just “learn scripting”. Like “I want to make a part that kills people when they step on it”.

No such thing as that. And follow a series on youtube. Like watch dev king’s beginner series, gui series, and advanced series in this order. If watching youtube videos don’t suite you. You can learn from free models and trial and error. Also, use the dev hub. Don’t just jump to random things and be patient. Some talented scripters started by disecting free models and using the dev hub whereas other talented scripters just watched a tutorial.

Please use the search feature, there’s a post that has the exact words “Where do i start for scripting”, I can send you all the topics, but please, use the search button.

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Here is a very good post on how to learn scripting

Credit to @StrongBigeMan9
You can also check it out as a video on his yt

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I’m gonna PM you a bunch of topics like yours, and it might help. @TTrobloxianC

If you think about scripting like building something from legos, then you’ll enjoy learning it as it’s essentially what scripting is. You get a couple lines of codes from help on this devforum, or maybe some full on scripts from tutorials or frameworks, then add some code of your own and soon enough you get the end product you want.

The best most fun way to start is think of a game you enjoy that makes you think “I wish it had this” or “I can do this better”. Then do that! Think of what you need for the game, then start Googling, and just start typing. The more roadblocks you hit the more you will learn. You don’t learn without making mistakes, and believe that you will very much make many.

Final advice: Don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t be afraid to fail. If you have to start from scratch because you learned of a better method then do that.

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The way I learnt scripting was through trial and error, free models/code.
When I wasn’t a “Scripter” I used a lot of free code eventually I put things together I remembered that this script had “local” and that script had “local” etc… I used free code until I started recognizing a bunch of the words and figured out how they work. Then I started watching a few tutorials but imo I felt like the tutorials I saw were telling me what to do instead of explaining. I have an issue when people just tell me what to do so that wasn’t so good for me. Then I found the Developer hub/forums I started just learning through trial and error I was searching up random stuff I found in free scripts and learn what they do.
Once I got decent at programming I found a friend that was really good at programming he also told/showed me a bunch of tips and tricks.
I personally recommend learning through trial and error. Don’t try to make a game yet don’t try to do commissions. Find a cool system on Twitter or the Developer Forums and try to create your own version of it.
I also have a series where I try teaching people how to script you don’t need to watch these tutorials but they are always here if you need them you can watch it here sorry if this seems like self-advertising just trying to help

tables,math,vector3,cframe,creating function,connect(function) this things are core