Where do you get your textures from?

I personally use Texture Haven and CC0 Textures, but I’m trying to find some more websites to use


I use textures.com, they provide free and paid textures. You can download a max of 15 per day and they do have seamless textures available with previews.

The free textures come at a max resolution of 1024x1024 (Some might be half this) which for Roblox will probably be completely fine. PBR textures however do cost money. But for my needs this website is perfect.


links on where you get textures would be good

I normally find them in free modeled texture packs with a bunch of texture covered bricks, Or i find some random images and put them together.

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CC0 Textures
Texture Haven
Edit: also recently found this website, which looks promising link

I personaly use https://www.textures.com/

Some people Like myself if a texture is not a decal on Roblox they make it themself. But this is only good if you have the software for it has most times you want textures to come out in High quilty.

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I use mostly Search Results on CC0 Textures it’s actually good for finding textures.

yeah my only problem with cc0 is that some textures dont have ao (you need ao for the full pbr effect) and it’s really irritating. :frowning:

I just search up what I need, and upload it. If I need an 80’s laser ground (don’t know what they are called) I search it up. Been trying to look for some different alternative

I personally make a lot of my materials entirely procedurally inside of blender and then bake them to textures.
Blender’s shader nodes can be extremely powerful if you can learn how to use them and can really help you be able to make textures that fit what you need perfectly.
I’ll provide a couple of examples of recent ones I’ve done with this method to prove you don’t actually need Substance Painter/Designer to make your own.


Procedural, texture, clouds, atmosphere, and stars background.


This is a combination of traditional colouring techniques and a procedural plating + roughness + bump/normal map texture


This is is also an entirely procedural texture using zero images and only a simple model on which the texture is placed.

Another aeroplane

End result in roblox this time. It combines a small amount of texture painting (for the top dark blue colour) and decals with a procedural plating+rivets texture and a procedural roughness + bump/normal map.

Basically, if you’re trying to get a very specific result that you can’t find textures for, then I’d highly recommend getting into blenders shader nodes. The possibilities of the system are quite literally endless and you’ll be able to create whatever’s needed within your skill level.

A word of warning: don’t use procedural textures if you just need something quick and dirty.
Textures like these can take several hours to make so it’s not practical for everything.
With the planes that I’m texturing this strategy makes perfect sense because I can reuse massive portions of the setup on other planes (all 60 of them) without needing to tweak too much.

If you want to get into it, there are hundreds of youtube tutorial series on it at the moment as automated materials and textures are becoming much more popular as it gets easier and faster to make them.