Where does ROBLOX stand when it comes to copyright Rules?

So, I created a USA community and I am just curious if all games are default copyrighted on Roblox when they are uploaded the platform or how does that work? because I have been scratching my head if I should be buying a license or is it pre covered and honestly I am unsure if they do or not? Could someone break it down and explain it to me? I just want to avoid the pain of just sending emails if I have to at some point of it going no where.


Within Roblox, your game is considered your intellectual property (IP), and is therefore copyrighted, and you give Roblox a license to use the game in certain ways (mostly just hosting the game, I believe).
Roblox’s rules dictate that you cannot copy other games/steal the game content, which supposes that only you and Roblox have the right to the game.

In addition, if you make any assets specifically for the game, such as models, GFX, etc, they would also come under copyright.

As for having a different copyright for your game…
I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. Just note that obviously, by using Roblox as a host to the game, they are automatically given a license to the game.

Source: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/reminder-about-ip/116517

also I’d encourage you to do your own research, as I may be wrong about what I just said, but I hope thats helpful

Edit: copyrights usually don’t need purchases or stuff - you are usually able to simply declare that a given set of content is under a specific license.


Yeah I was just checking if what I was saying if I needed to but from what it sounds like I don’t need to purchase external Licenses. And how do you report report an IP because I know for sure DCMA and IP are two different things.

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Actually, DMCA is used for IP as well.

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Yeah, to deal with stolen games/assets you can just use a DMCA takedown request.
“IP” just means (roughly) “property that was created by someone”, and the whole copyright biz is part of IP rights.