Where is Lounge or Off Topic?

can someone please tell me where this ‘lounge’ or ‘off topic’ area is? recently i have these questions i would like to ask but none of them fit in the existing catergories that i can post in.

Only full members can view the lounge. New members do not have access to the Lounge.

New members don’t have access to the #lounge category. You may be able to use the post approval process to create a thread there (it probably will not be prioritised because feature requests and bug reports are more important than a lounge post).

New members typically cannot submit post approval requests to categories they cannot see (with some exceptions). Since they can’t see their own thread, in most cases there is no point.

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Post approval requests aren’t accepted for off-topic categories for the reasons stated above. If you want to have an off-topic discussion as a new member, you should consider other mediums like Twitter and Reddit since both of them have a lot more users.

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Cheers, I thought this was the case however since it was not explicitly outlined under the post approval section I wasn’t too sure.