Where is the good Audio

Hello, I opened up one of my builds, and what used to be a wind ambient is now something else. Ok its fine the person may have updated it… so I look for wind knowing there was lots. now there is next to nothing and its music with wind in its title.
I then did a search for birds as a test, same thing what happened too all the good audio that was on Roblox, such as ambient sounds and other types of music. I’m disappointed i lost the wind and some other things, one of my builds had a violin player, that’s gone replaced and there is different violin stuff in the “ToolBox” (its good violin audio though).
For me its mainly the ambient sounds such as wind and birds, and any other sounds that one might use for builds, that im more concerned about right now.

If anyone can help me out or tell me about maybe why this is and such it would be appreciated. because it really does take away from my build


What some people do is open the Develop tab in a browser, search sounds, then check the “Offsale” option. You can use sounds that aren’t free in your games.


Use this link to search the Library for more audio (Studio cannot browse off-sale assets). You may have been using sounds that are now flagged as copyright (if not mistakenly, a lot of ocean wave ambience sounds were ruined) and thus are no longer usable.

Remember, it’s the Create tab now @Kampfkarren.


that is probably why i guess, but if i can remember right I found it in the toolbox menu. but i will do that

ok thats better, phew I was going to do that at first then thought “why am I doing this i can just use toolbox”

As dragonfrosting said, use the Library to search for off-sale assets in Audio. There’s a lot more options, and you can probably find what you’re looking for.

got it and fixed my place

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Reminder that off sale assets may be off sale since they aren’t for public use. Be sure to respect people’s assets they uploaded for themselves.


@Extuls is correct, if you use audio that isn’t marked as free by the owner, and you have no explicit permission from the owner to use it, then you are using their asset without permission to do so. That’s against the terms of service last I checked.


would it be ok if it was just a show case and not making any profit

I don’t believe so, check the ToS sections about copyright and asset ownership.

:frowning: what would I do then if I can not find what im looking for, im not able to record or upload audio.

im looking at the ToS but not seeing what you mentioned

edit: i think i might have found it… no i didn’t

Roblox needs to be able to separate music from sound effects. Make a feature request.


There are plenty of nice audio sources that offer free or paid for audio that you can use. Given that you’re just doing a showcase I’m sure just free audio works.

If you are able to upload audio, the BBC sound effect library may be useful for personal use. There’s quite a lot there :joy:

Could you use it for your game if you supply credit?

I’m not really able to as I’m not buying robux I’m trying to save money, I know I could get just $20 one but id prefer not. because i need a new PC, my laptop is now about 7 years old and showing but still works ok (got it Dec 2012 I think), and just other necessary things life throws at you as a young adult
i used off sale audio for a few years time and never had issues, but if it was for a game I wouldn’t use it

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Unfortunately not - for any commercial use, you’d need to buy a license (although the prices are quite reasonable compared to some other sources).

This is what the actual license says (sorry about the page break):

he might be talking about off sale audio