Where Should i learn scripting from and what places do you recommend?

I recently started learning scripting and i wanted to find out where others learned scripting from and what they recommended. As of now i am using the dev king and alvinblox’s scripting tutorials.


You can learn scripting here (its a roblox site)

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I would VERY VERY highly recommend The Dev King’s beginner scripting tutorials on YouTube. They have helped me SO much. If you want to learn how to script, his tutorials will help a ton. If you want to learn little random things, you should watch AlvinBlox on YouTube.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


When doing the tutorials, make sure to do it yourself in roblox studios too. You can also test yourself to see if you remember.

Also remember that it is fine to search things up. I have been programming for a long time now but I still constantly go online to check.

The most useful site for this is the Roblox Developer Hub.

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Hmmm ok i havent treid that yet ill be sure to check it out

Ok thanks! ill be sure to check it out!

Ok i will check out TDK.
Thanks alot

If you’re a Beginner I recommend PeasFactory.(He explains very well for beginners)
If you’re a Intermediate, I recommend TheDevKing(mostly due to his advanced series thing).
If you’re advanced, you will probably want to watch a few of AlvinBlox videos or just go to DevHub.

And I don’t recommend DevHub if you’re a beginner, you must have atleast some knowledge to understand the stuff there.


ok thanks this is something i havent heard of so i will make sure to check it out

As much as I love TheDevKing’s tutorials, I would like to point out that some of them have become deprecated due to their age. I learned how to script off of his videos, as well as AlvinBlox’s, however stuff like TheDevKing’s video on raycasting is now deprecated. In fact, that is what inspired me to make tutorials myself. Once you get to harder scripting topics I find it harder to find a lot of good sources to learn with proper up-to-date videos.

Other than that though, I would definitely agree with your advice for where to go. Even though some of TheDevKing’s tutorials are now deprecated, not all of them are.

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YouTube playlists aren’t really the best. You should really look into lua.org to look at the Lua 5.1 reference.

Plenty of people say look at YouTube videos which work for general overviews but I’ve yet to find a YouTube beginners guide that covers an intro to Lua well. Most glance over Data Types, Logic Flow, etc and go straight for Roblox additions such as Properties of parts. Which I think is counterintuitive because properties require you to understand data types.

Honest opinion is when I stopped watching YouTube tutorials and started reading the API reference for new things I learned and retaied that information a lot better.


I would have to say I agree with you. I feel that when people are asking where they can learn Lua for Roblox, they are often guided to videos on Roblox scripting by people like AlvinBlox, TheDevKing, and other tutorial YouTubers, just like I was guilty of doing in my reply. Often times these videos will exclusively cover Lua for Roblox, without looking at Lua itself. While I will argue that looking at YouTube videos just to learn Lua for Roblox is a better solution for some, everyone has a different method of learning things. However, I would also promote the things you mention here as they are beneficial, and people should definitely use these sources if they find them effective for learning. The API for Roblox and Lua itself should not be forgotten as good sources to learn.

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You shouldn’t go to advanced scripting right now. Learn the basics for around a month. Get a hand over them, learn some stuff about roblox coding here. You should also play this AMAZING game called “Lua learning”. Really helpful! Here’s the link to the game