Where should I put the "Rules" and "How to play"?

Should I put the “Rules” and “How to play” inside the game or should I put it on DevForum?

  • In the game
  • On the DevForum

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Some basic controls and other stuff that the player might not know from the start should be in the game description (in the About section of the experience). Not everyone has access to the DevForum and most players don’t even know the DevForum exists. You can also add maybe a basic description or overview of how the game works, like how to start out, for example. But if you want a more detailed description of the game and mechanics, you should make a Tutorial in-game, whose style can be based on the style of your game.


I would put a summarized version on the game itself, and then I would put an in-depth version on the DevForum. Hint on the summarized in-game version that there is a more in-depth version which can be found in the “About Me” section of the game.