Where should i start to learn scripting?

Hello Guys, as a teenager who does not know how to script, i already know how to use many stuff exept for one thing that i do NOT know, which is scripting.

roblox scripting tutorials are considered tutorial hell, if you don’t know tutorial hell, it’s basically if you don’t know a programming language, you just search up courses on YT and watch people code stuff to “learn” how to code, but when you open a text editor, you don’t know how to start. this can be a major mistake for any beginner to do.

for now, i REALLY want to learn scripting in roblox studio, i don’t want to use the AI code assist tool, can you guys help me find out how to ACTUALLY learn to script in studio? (from scratch)

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I learn by searching up things I don’t know. For instance, I didn’t know how to do RemoteEvents, so I serached up the Roblox documentation, looked at the code examples and now I know how RemoteEvents work.

I have watched tutorials and suffered through all of it. But normally, I learn from my little brother, he still to this day makes projects and he teached me the basics. The rest was from youtube or roblox documentation. It I had problems with an api, roblox documentation. But if I had problems with a code, devforum or ask for help. If your wanting to learn more.

Now, how did I actually started coding? I went through all the suffering until I got used to it. I watched more of alvin blox and more of thekingdev. They will explain in details on more of the basics if you watch both channel tutorials.

Sorry if it dosnt help. But stay safe!

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