Where Should I Start When Building Houses as a Beginner?

I’m looking to make a neighborhood map for a game I’m making. The problem is, I’m not sure how to start with making a good-quality home, as I’ve never made one before. Since the map is going to be relatively small, I want it to be detailed. How should I go about this? Please let me know, because I feel quite stuck at the moment. Cheers!


Since you’re a beginner, You probably won’t be able to make a very great house on the first day but try experimenting with parts, Try different building styles and watch some Youtube videos or tutorials.
Also instead of just using parts, Use wedges too -

I would also recommend using plugins like Gapfill, ResizeAlign, Build v4, Building Tools by F3X and Archimedes 2 as they make building a lot easier.


I’m no builder, but what I’ve heard from friends who are builders is that it’s good to build it as you would a real house. That is, to build the foundation first to map it out and then build the frame so you can visualize the shape of the house without having to finish it.


i would start with the porch if there is one then work my way around the house so i get an idea of what to add and how big it is then i would make the outlines of windows then the roof and if its 2 story or 3 it depends but yes thats were i would start

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