Where should I start when it comes Lua?

How should I go about learning Lua?

I’m an aspiring scripter, and I’d like to expand my knowledge in Lua & the world of ROBLOX Scripting.

Do y’all have any recommendations for beginner’s success?

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I would say starting off with playing around in studio, use the roblox API reference manual to aid you: Roblox API Reference Manual. Creating small games are also another way to practice programming. Best of luck on your journey!



Tutorials helped me and my friends so so much when starting out, YouTubers like TheDevKing and AlvinBlox made it so much easier to understand things because they visualized it instead of just having plain text.

You could also look into some free models and try to read them, and after understanding what they are doing, try making something similar yourself to practice it. Most of my skills at scripting come from looking up videos about the subject or looking at user made items and reading those.

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Just a little warning about free models: They are very likely to have virus scripts in them so be very careful when adding them in. Do not delete free models when finished, use CTRL + Z because there can sometimes be multiple objects in them.

Also, free model scripts are usually very messy and do not follow proper scripting proceedures. I would recommend looking at Roblox scripts instead and how they structure and clean everything, although these are usually very complicated compared to the average script.

Clean coding and ModuleScripts helped me A LOT. Read up on them a lot. I especially recommend Roblox’s Lua Style guide.


Alvinblox and Roblox API Reference Manual. Now a-lot of youtubers make admin commands or a gun script more complicated then they need to be. I would always check with the Roblox API Reference Manual if you have any questions about a function, loop, etc.


I’d just like to point out that in the API Reference manual, there are many examples of use cases for a LOT of different things. So, If you’re interested in something specific, check in there, they may have an example that you can use to make something. For example check out this page on ‘tween’ scroll to the bottom they demonstrate tweening a part color:

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