Where should I start with flying physics

I would like to create flying physics for a plane. I don’t like using Roblox’s constraints and velocity things. I already know how to script a lot but I don’t know how I can start coding the physics for the plane, I would like to make it pretty optimized. I have seen some videos on how to make a plane but all the of them don’t suite my needs. I never coded physics before so perhaps I should practice coding some and then tackle plane physics.

If you want to go to the lowest level of physics, you should use ApplyImpulse and ApplyAngularImpulse to influence the net force on an object.

If you aren’t quite there yet, you should try experimenting with the constraints, like LinearVelocity, AlignOrientation, Torque, VectorForce, etc. Roblox has documentation for all of these, which you can easily search for by pressing the F1 key in studio.