Where should I store module scripts with variables in, and should I even use module scripts at all for this

So for my space game, I have some variables in a module script, due to the fact that there are multiple scripts that need to access them. This module script is placed in starterGui, and inside the script that uses the module the most, which is the SpaceshipController script.
However, I don’t think this is great for organization, or if a module script is even the best way to go about storing the values (the values don’t need to be saved by DataStoreService by the way).

So I was wondering, should I move the module script to replicated storage, or even just make the variables values inside the player instance?

I think that using module scripts is a good way of storing many variables / configs. My games do this all the time.

Moving it to replicated storage is a good idea too.

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Great! Thank you for the response.

yeah, I everytime use it, it’s a good spot for it

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