Where should I store my maps?

Hello! Quick question, should I store maps for my fighting game in Repstorage or serverstorage? Does it really make much a difference?

The client can access replicatedstorage, allowing them to practically copy the entire map before it is even cloned into the workspace. I recommend you would use serverstorage if you do not explictly need to access the map from client.

Short answer: ServerStorage

Explanation: Exploiters can access ReplicatedStorage & clone the maps from their client side, making them an all powerful wizard to other clients (The map would only be visible to them, so they’d be able to access other maps)

This would allow them to copy all the maps fairly easily, because it is already there for them to access.

I see, thanks for answering! Although storing it in serverstorage still wouldn’t be as safe because clients can copy them from workspace… but I guess it’s better than giving the client access to EVERY map in the game.

You can still copy the maps when they are in workspace yes, but it would be harder for them to steal all the maps at one go.

Every ReplicatedStorage Map + Ctrl/C + Ctrl/P = A disaster

But yeah, use ServerStorage for practice on securing important objects to your game (Tools, Maps, Admin Guis, etc)