Where the *#$% are my games

I swear the user profile page gets less and less useful to me all the time.

All I want people on this page to do is to be able to find my games. I don’t want it to do anything else. It used to perform this function without requiring the user to make an extra click on the “creations” tab (why are you hiding the one thing I want people to see). Now it doesn’t even work when the user does, because it now it shows a random subset of my 100 or so places, and none of them are the popular ones.


‘Add to profile’ on games you want to show up on your profile.

Where is this “add to profile” button hidden?


Chill lol. They’re letting us have active places without advertising them on our profiles. It’s useful for testing.


I tried “Add to Profile” on SFOTH.

As you can see, it is broken.


Try removing a few of those games from your profile. There may be a max amount of games displayed.

Also having to go to every single game I own and clicking “Add to Profile” is the worst UX in the world.

Why not:

  1. Show all my games by default
  2. Put little X’s on mouseover to let me remove them from my profile
  3. Let me drag and drop them to sort the order they appear

That is what every other single site in the world would do.


Add to profile and Remove from profile is the most terrifying way to organize stuff. Wanna move something to the front? Gotta remove every place, add it, then readd the places. Why isn’t there just a drag and drop for ordering places? I swear there used to be years ago.

Edit: Ninja’d by Shedletsky, rip


Also this is subject to caching. I’ve heard of cases where it took over an hour to update. (no idea how)

It should be doing this if you haven’t touched the add/remove to profile buttons when this update was introduced, so you probably touched these in the past without realising what they did.

Actually I think ROBLOX tried to automatically add all games to their owners’ profiles but it didn’t work out exactly, because I doubt Shedletsky or the other people having problems with this accidentally clicked “Add to profile” on that many games.

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I’m sure I would have noticed a few months ago if the creations tab wasn’t mostly useless being that it’s hidden by default.

Is it something to do with the amount of places that you have? I personally never had an issue with this so far.

Same – I only had ~5 active places when the update went out. It might indeed have something to do with #active places

Is this feature out of beta yet? I’ve had a rather interesting conversation with a random person on twitter and he was able to add/remove games from his profile as well. Maybe only people with beta access can do this?

The creation page, in general, needs to be revamped.

We need to be able to Move games showing position around (Click And Drag) the old profiles had that feature.

I don’t see why I need to remove every single one of my games and put them up in reverse order for them to show in the order I want.


Develop page is due for an update – all of the “old” pages on the site are getting overhauled.



We’ve all stopped complaining about it because they’ve made it extra clear that they aren’t going to change it, our opinions don’t matter in this issue

muh cross platform streamlining
muh unified aesthetic
muh google play store

yeah it sucks but what can you do


Someone make a Google Extension

Merely where are you mate

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I don’t like for these issues to be left for extensions to fix, because:

  1. The other 99.99% of ROBLOX users are still stuck with the broken/undesirable version of the page
  2. I generally won’t trust third parties with my ROBLOX data, and a third party extension shouldn’t be necessary to fix stuff like this anyway

ROBLOX needs to get this stuff straightened out.

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