Where to find 2013 Roblox animations?

Video for reference:

Bottom right corner, 2013 - 2014 animations

Is there somewhere I can find these animations? The ones I found in the toolbox are just buggy


You could animate them yourself as a replica.


Problem is, I am bad at animating

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Dunno hire someone then or I am sure somewhere on google or the toolbox there will be one non-laggy.

i don’t know how much this tool would work with that video you have but in case you are not good at animating and you don’t want to hire someone i would use deepmotion which is a service to generate animations from video references (https://deepmotion.com)

the problem with deepmotion is it only animate for r15 and not r6. (not sure if im correct)

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animations will only work for their creator, so, unfortunately, you will have to make it yourself

I’m guessing I’ll have to animate them myself, I will try later today

You are correct.

The 2013 animations were not actually using animation, but instead using velocity to move the limbs. The script below is a direct copy of the animation script from ~2013-2014. If things seem buggy or weird, it’s probably because of how much Roblox has changed regarding built-in functions and stuff.

Animate.lua (5.2 KB)


Where do I put the script?


localscript named “Animate” in startercharacterscripts should do it.

Finally found them.
I have reuploaded the animations, 2013 Animations - Roblox

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Why can’t you just change the rig type to R6?

What do you mean? It already is

Don’t the normal animations go on the character if it’s R6?

Where did you find them? I’m trying to make a game with these animations but I cant find anything on them.

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