Where To Find And Modify The Function That Makes The Period Key (.) Open Emotes?

So what I want to achieve is to modify the script that opens your emotes when you press a certain key, which in my case is ’ . ', or period.

I’ve searched almost everywhere in the Explorer, mainly in CorePackages and didn’t find anything I was looking for. I also looked in the Explorer for it while testing my game and didn’t find what I wanted. Any solutions/suggestions on where it might be? I’d be very grateful.

Also sorry if the topic isn’t in the right category. I’m not sure where to find the function or whether or not it’s in a script.

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Here’s where I would check first:


Sorry for the late reply, but where do I find CoreGui?

You have to change the setting that makes it visible in the Explorer window. You can find this setting at File>Studio Settings>Studio>Explorer>Show Core GUI in Explorer while Playing. Check the box and the Explorer should update to show you CoreGui

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Oh I see. Thanks for the help!