Where to find gamepass ids in roblox studio

I have a game, I used ready-made asset for eggs and gamepasses, I changed the ids in Replicated Storage, okay, there is no problem so far, my gamepasses are visible in the shop and can be purchased, but when my gamepasses are purchased, for example, opening 3x eggs does not work, when I open 3rd party sales from the settings and next to the egg. When I go and press open 3, the gamepass of the owner of the asset appears. I can’t find it anywhere, what should I do?

I believe if you go to the Asset Manager, you’ll be able to access it there.

If not, try the monetization menu in the game settings.

I couldn’t find anything in the asset manager, there is nothing in monetization.

Then go to the creator hub, find your place, scroll all the way down to Passes, click the three dots above the icon in the top right corner, and click “Copy Asset Id”