Where to Find Testers/Establish a Community

I have a game that is close to becoming playable, and I need some fresh eyes on it. Now, I do have a friend who is able to provide some feedback for me and help me test some aspects, but he lives on the other side of the planet. Which makes joining him and testing the actual game loop (other than training mode) downright impossible if we want to stay healthy.

And in any case a tester could provide the snowball effect of making a small community interested in the game. But other than QA Testers, of which I have no clue how to contact as their devforum page doesn’t exist anymore, I don’t know who or where to go to. The Hidden Developers discord server does not have a tester section, nor does the Roblox Developer Forum discord server have one.

Basically put, where can I find a group of testers to stress test my game? Or how can I get a small community started?

You can go to the QA Testers Discord and ask them or just ask me UwU.
This is the server for QA Testing: https://discordapp.com/invite/chwAy3g


Seeing that the group has been curtailed, I’m interested in alternative testing communities. While I understand why it happened, I think forcefully shutting the group down was a major overreaction because there were still many active members there. I personally don’t need a NDA group or one with official Roblox endorsement; I just want a small handful of testers (which is what the group had when it shut down).

tldr: Are there any other testing groups?


You can recruit testers in Talent Hub.