Where to get car models for roblox games?

Hello everyone!
I’m in need of car models. Not a lot. I’ve been looking through a few paid & free pages but I couldn’t really find a good page that covers my needs. Either they’re copyrighted, having heavily a LOT of triangles and/or they’re listed as 100€.

I’m here asking if someone of you know a good page for car models.

I’d prefer them to be roblox-friendly, like >25k triangles.
My game is more eu-related so if the page had eu-cars it’d be great.

In case anyone cares, these are the vehicles i’d need

AUDI: A4 Avant, A6 Avant
VW: Transporter T6 or T5, Passat, Golf, Caddy
BMW: 3 Touring

Thanks in advance.

The ones I use are 3D Warehouse and Sketchfab. I’m not sure about the exact models but i think they should have them. Also, most of their models are free. Hope this helps!

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Hi, I’ve been on 3d Warehouse a few times too, but i am unsure about the licenses.

whats ur game and use sketchfab!