Where to get my Premium Payouts?

So I made a game that some premium players joined and all, I received a email from the roblox support and a message from it saying I got premium payouts but there wasnt the ammount of robux it said I would get.

Note that my game is owned by my group and there are no funds on it even after the message.

(I did put at Game Design Support since I dont think this is a bug)

Go to Developer Stats, and then go to the Premium tab.

There’s graphs telling you how much you’ll receive.

You’ll also see how much you’ve received from “Summary” tab.

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The thing is, roblox already sent me a message saying I got 7 robux premium payouts but my group doesnt have any funds and I only have 2 robux that wasnt from these.

The message came yesterday but there arent any robux.

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Don’t worry, it’s most likely just pending, wait a few days, it will come through.

It’s probably pending Robux, then. Robux isn’t given to you on the day you receive the message.

Wait about 28 days.

It takes 28 days for funds to start reaching your account.

Ain’t 28 days the ammount of time it takes for them to calculate the premium payouts?

You might have to wait it out, you can’t just collect it right away, you have to take it slow and be patience as they roll out to you in weeks or a couple of days.

28 Days for ALL the robux to payout to your account. :derp:

For me, I got my Premium payouts each week for some reason because for whatever reason, this never have happened to me, but I still get my payouts on time and fast. :eyes:

Yes, it is calculated over 28 days, but it also takes 28 days to receive it.

Just wait it out. :slight_smile:

Read the above article, and this quote for more:


Oh ok thanks for the answer, I was confused about it

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I believe the Premium Payout is pending.


Hey, I was also wondering what if that page doesn’t say anything for pending robux, does it take 28 days for it to say how many are pending?

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