Where to start creating an open world map

So although I don’t have much experience or skill in creating landscapes, I’m thinking of developing a map but I’m finding difficulties on how to combine the various aspects of development, such as where to start developing the map. I don’t have a definite plan, I do everything randomly🥲


Best idea is to make blueprints to get a somewhat basic of your map.


Honestly, I do everything kind of randomly too, but I think that you should start making the layout of your map first by making terrain or sketching it out and making a map after. However, you should definitely try to include what you think will happen when you start working on gameplay after in your map. Then once you have the terrain / terrain mesh, start working on some models to put on the map (I recommend using blender to make them.) after you have made the models, place them around the map. Once you have placed models around the map, you should then start working on gameplay.


For any buildings, I’d start with greyboxing them and just plotting out any main features, whether it’s part or terrain. Afterwards, simply begin terrain filling + adding models like Lego_Dude said. You likely have an ideal theme/atmosphere that you’re going for, and if you do, keep it in mind. If not, just start making things. Play around with color and lighting until you find an ideal aesthetic, and then make sure it remains consistent where need be.


I get a really big part, make it maybe 1024x12x1024, then fill that region with more parts that represent mountains, canyons, areas where there would be a forest/village for example, and basically just mark everything down in that area, I repeat this till I’ve got a big map, and just pick areas to do one by one

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