Where To Start: Meshing

I am a builder, I have had 2+ years of experience but now I am starting to want to learn how to mesh. I am looking to find a way.

The problem is that I’m unsure of where I ought to start. There are many ways I can start learning it, but I can’t decide. I am also wanting to find the most simple, but efficient way.

I have tried watching youtube videos, but no one wants to stare at a video for 20 minutes to learn how to mesh 1 item.
I have also tried to do them myself, without any help…lets not talk about that.

If there is any possibility that someone has a way of helping me get started with learning how to mesh, please leave a comment below.

Do you want to start 3d modeling you mean?

you want to learn blender? (30 char)

Yes. Maybe using blender or any 3D modeling software.

To answer your question, yes. (30 char)

you can download blender here:

and watch over 30 tutorials here:

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YouTube is your best bet, you’re not going to stare at a video, you’re going to work and do as the video shows. This is a helpful channel for learning blender.

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is good and all but maybe he should try and learn first the basics before get into that?

That is the basics? That channel is about learning blender.

@TwistyyObject Blender Guru’s most popular, most simple series is this one:

it is in blender 2.8, and is very helpful for beginners, this is how I learned! I suggest you watch it.

Blender Guru has a series on his channel where he takes you through the basics of modelling.

this channel is also great for learn:

Hello TwistyyObject,
I actually made a post yesterday about starting to 3D model, it has a lot of tips you may enjoy.