Where to start with modelled architecture?

Hello devs! I’ve been building on roblox for around 5 years, using parts in the workspace. I’m somewhat good at what I do, but I’d like to go to the next level, by using meshes to create things, instead of parts.

So, where do I get started? Can someone point me in the direction of some YouTube tutorials that will help me get started? And builders who do this already: what advice do you have for me?



There are mesh packs in the toolbox/market placd. Use those, the packages have pretty good meshes. And 5 years only using parts holy crap 0_0

I would learn blender well, be able to model the overall shapes of the meshes you’re trying to make. Texture painting is how boring flat object turn into Triple A quality graphics/stage design. Just look up blender tutorials and i’m sure you’ll find something useful.

Man not learning Blender as a builder for 5 years… you are missing out, complex meshes + UV texturing help so so much in making better looking builds, and more convenient as well.

Learn to use Blender, from there, just mess around till you get a nice grip on the basic stuff, and then try to make something – anything, from scratch. Don’t try to learn everything all at once too, it takes a while to learn even just basic stuff.

As always, one must start to learn Blender with the donut from the Blender Guru, absolute classic.


This is a great tutorial but… younger me couldn’t finish the whole thing.

If you find yourself unable to do the tutorial, I recommend looking up beginner blender tutorials for buildings and such since that’s what you want to do with the software.

Personally, I learned Blender with two character modeling tutorials since that’s what I wanted to use it for.

edit: I spelled younger like hunger :sob: yunger

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