Where would I begin to learn how to script?

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Anyway, I have put some thought into this and I want to learn how to script over the summer. Where would I begin? How should I learn it, such as should I be studying and quizzing myself. Sort of like school? Cause i’m tired of having to look up tutorials on YouTube on how to do basic things. Such as making a part move, making it teleport on touch etc. Is there any websites that teach lua I believe this is what roblox runs off of? Correct me if I am wrong

Anyway enough complaining though. If anyone is wiling to send me a link to a website or YouTube series on how to learn the basics of scripting on roblox. Please send it here. This is something I want to 100 percent dedicate my summer to :slightly_smiling_face:


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My bad, ill be doing some digging on this subject now :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to learn Lua in the Roblox environment, I’d just recommend Developer Hub

If you want to learn Lua outside of roblox, I’d recommend books, or the online programming in Lua. Most of the stuff that is taught in the programming in Lua should be applicable in roblox. I say that because, roblox is sandboxed environment and some libraries like io (which the PIL does get into) library are removed in roblox.

I do not recommend most youtubers since most of the youtubers teach old and/or bad code, give misinformation, and when you use youtube, you are forced to learn at the pace of the youtuber. But it should be ok to get a general idea on how to do something

Both the developer hub and PIL are really good, but imo I’d recommend roblox developer hub for learning the Roblox API and PIL for Lua.


On the Developer Hub, should I mainly be looking through “API Reference Manual” Or “Learn Roblox”?
Confused a bit on this one sorry

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The API Reference Manual will show you the list of roblox’s objects, their properties and functions. Basically a documentation.

Meanwhile the Learn Roblox section has tutorials about many things related to coding in roblox lua. I suggest you to check out this one first (look for beginner tutorials).


Understood :slight_smile: ill for sure be bookmarking all of this and getting to this as soon as I can when summertime comes around. Gonna try to quiz myself to. Such as deleting certain parts of a script and trying to fill it in with the best of my memory. and other exercises too. Obviously learning what everything does on the way. Cannot wait :smile:

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You should check out valuable learning methods in addition for the wiki. The wiki is more of a “what it does” kind of environment I feel (and reading a lot of information can be daunting)

If you want to start to learn to script I find the best valuable resource is always a basic tutorial or video but this is different for everyone. You should explore different methods and see what you think feels best and in a way you can understand.

Luckily, there’s a variety of resources you can use to learn to script I highly recommend.

  1. @Alvin_Blox on YouTube provides a huge variety of videos teaching how to script X,Y,Z and I found by learning anything related to scripting you can generally very easily edit, transform and diverge it into other projects.
  2. Roblox’s own “how to script” on YouTube (be warned, it’s getting very dated at this point) but I felt quite a variety of things explained extremely well in this series.
  3. @Ripull also creates extremely helpful YouTube videos on how to script

The main point if you’re following a video is to make sure you understand what’s going and don’t be afraid of mistakes made.

Being a top coder doesn’t happen over night either. It is similar to learning a language although once you get the basics under your belt it’s pretty much childs play when you want to learn another coding language. I always tend to tell people just do 15 minutes of casual coding a day to keep your knowledge always rolling and learning.


I understand this fully. My plan is to take sort of just baby steps. I dont expect to be able to code a entire game until like late next year depending on how much time i put into research and practice


That is a great mindset to learn scripting with! Some people just decide that they are going to learn how to build/script in a month and be building front page worthy games the month after.


When I start though ill be sure to start posting monthly updates of what i learn :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok. I’ll probably be following these posts just to see how much you improve, and also because you have inspired me to also try scripting instead of only modelling


I’d stay away from alvinblox as a beginner since you should learn concepts before how to code specific things. Once you’ve picked up the basics he’s fine, but he isn’t a great first resource.

Edit: Same goes for lots of ripull videos but it looks like he does have beginner tutorials too


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