Where would i start with a custom inventory system?

Basically just trying to make a custom inventory system, not exactly sure where to start though

You could maybe go with YouTube videos?

Ive looked at a few of them, most of them aren’t that great

Looks good but isnt really the type of inventory im looking for,
looking for something like minecraft’s inventory, (Not a exact copy of it)

Oh sounds like a lot of work well maybe let me try searching for it or you can ask other Devs too…
I’m not an advanced dev myself I’m kinda close to the middle stage.

Alright ill let you know if i find something myself!

So what you want is like a bar at the bottom, like the normal tools do in Roblox, or a custom version of that (releasing a video on that soon). And then when you click a button, it opens a bigger version of your inventory?

Exactly something like this, custom hotbar & inventory :+1: