Where/how do I find/make scenes for GFX?

So I’m having trouble finding scenes for my graphics and I usually resort to Blendswap - since the models on the Studio toolbox aren’t that great quality-wise.

I should like to know where to find high-quality scenes for my graphics OR how to make them myself.

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You only got 3 options :
Go to roblox studio and create a scene of your own
Use HDRIs (Lazy in my opinion)
Ask someone to make it for you

I think there are many ways for this but I don’t have a lot of ideas about “where to get scenes”

Honestly, now I’ve seen this, I’ll probably try and model them in Blender.
• Roblox Studio is really limited in tri capacity
• HDRI is, as you said, lazy
• And I don’t like commisioning others to make a scene for me.

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You do have other options but you need to learn how to model but I don’t know them myself because my 3D modeling knowledge is very low.

I already know how to model. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Then what are you waiting for chief?
Do it!