Which account 'owns' the forum

All Discourse forums have the concept of an ‘owner’ account, it’s the account that is first created when you set up a forum, this account could be compared to server ownership in Discord where it gives you a few more powers than a standard administrator.

The question is which account is the owner account on the DevForum? I assume it’s Roblox, but then why is Roblox only a moderator and not an admin.

Or was the ‘owner’ account concept completely removed for the DevForum?


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I just looked at the Roblox account thing and the trust level is leader, soo…

I’ll do more research later.

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Community sages are leaders too. DevRel and DevEngagementTeam members are also leaders.


Every user with a little shield beside their name is the website administrator / website ‘owner’.

Take @Roblox for instance.

The system account does, like all other Discourse forums. Though that being said, the system account isn’t so much an owner account as it is an account to handle certain tasks. The forum owner is technically anyone who maintains the software/host server - so Developer Relations.

The Roblox account is a representative account and is not the forum owner. It bypasses most protocols (e.g. avatar limitation) to have its own custom appearance. I do not believe it uses SSO, but if it does it’s linked to the Roblox account. Posts usually aren’t created by the account itself but are edited to be posted by the account, then sent to the Updates category.


You’re misinformed, that’s not how Discourse actually works. Everyone with administrator powers is admin. Admins can revoke each other’s admin powers.

If you have console access to the forum servers themselves (which probably half a dozen Roblox engineers have since they maintain the forum, not DevRel since they aren’t technical people), they can do whatever they want, above admin, because they have direct access to the back-end and database.