Which App Can Help To Make GFX?

Hello There! Which App Can Help Me To Make GFX?
Thanks For Answering Me :roblox:.


Blender can render images for Roblox. Photoshop can be used to edit the photo.

Thanks For Helping Me! But Blender Is So Complicated I Think So Photoshop Can Help Me Right?

You can use Roblox Studio but it may not be as good.

Thanks! I Will Try! Thanks Again!

Blender for 3D renders and photoshop/Affinity Photo/Paint.net for editing.

Not really any other good free options for the 3D side and it’s basically a must if your making 3D renders. You can’t use studio to produce good looking GFX no matter what anyone tells you.



Adobe Photoshop
Paint .net


Photopea (Recommended if you can’t afford Photoshop)

Really only blender. Its not as complicated as you might think. You can’t really use photoshop or anything else because its not 3d (if thats what you are going for) and it doens’t have good lighting as blender.

Well, it may look complicated, but it isn’t that difficult. Maybe takes a couple days to understand the basics.

Also C4D. I don’t use it but I heard about it.

Definitely blender. it’s recommended to take time on it and learn the basics of how it works. you’ll never get anywhere without actually learning instead of rushing to make something.

if you need photo editing software you got PaintDotNet, GIMP and I guess Photopea.

I personally use Blender and Affinity photo, I hear some people use Cinema 4D and a lot of people use Photoshop

If you are broke use photopea photoshop but free

Blender, Photoshop or Paint 3D Are the recommended Ones. Blender Provides The Best Graphics But Its more complicated

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