Which art style do you like better for my game 'Train Wars'?

Hello there! :smiley:

I want to upgrade the looks of my game Train Wars, and since the icon and the thumbnails are inspired by comic books, I thought that it would be a good idea to replicate it for the game itself too!

Old art style:

New art style:

When I first started the project, I wanted to make it look 2014ish, but I think this change in art style adds more personality and makes the game more unique! :grin:

What do you think? And if you like the new art style better, would you leave it as it is, or would you change anything? I’m reading you! :point_down:

  • I prefer the old art style!
  • I prefer the new art style!

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The skybox in the new one is too bright. I would choose the new one if it wasn’t for that factor.

The outlines also look quite out of place in the new one.

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Prefiero mas el nuevo, aunque no se si esto te sería un problema (si es que estas usando Highlights):


Thank you for your input!

Now that you mention it, the sky may be a little too bright, you’re right!

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Si que estoy usando Highlights y no estaba al corriente de esas limitaciones, ¡muchas gracias por compartir esa documentación!

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