Which Brick Design you like more?

Hi, I am doing a small little tower and want to know which one you like more

Or this?


I think the darker one, it has more contrast. The grout is white and so logically the bricks would look better if darker. The bottom one has more shadows and more highlights. The bricks are also less cobbled and more organized. Not sure if that’s what you’re going for though.

I’ll put a poll here for anyone passing by who doesn’t want to post.

  • First Texture
  • Second Texture

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Could you give examples of the textures on the towers themselves? That would really help. And what type of tower will it be?


I hope this is like what you want i am doing that tower tight now

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Oh… if you’re trying to replicate that as best as possible, I’d:

  1. Make the bricks more vertical,
  2. Make the bricks a lighter hue,
  3. Make the grout a slightly darker hue,
  4. Weather the bricks,
  5. And make the bricks not so square and not so consistent. You can clearly see that most bricks aren’t sharp and angular in the slightest. They also don’t follow a general pattern, except to be horizontal and not vertical.

That’s what I would recommend if you wanted to emulate the tower’s texture. I’d go, in this case, with the first choice, since it’s lighter, but it’s not bright enough to accurately look like the tower. It also feels more weathered. All the above tips would still apply.


I really like the first one in my opinion, it just feels kind of like kind of weared out but not completely to a state of where it is run down.


I feel like there is a need to look at the style of building itself. The building style you are going to use it for. I’m not really sure what it is actually for because there is no context to it, but I feel like the first would be great if you were going for low-poly style as low-poly usually does have strong lighting.

Again, you need to see what style of building you are going for in order to see what is better.

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