Which category of games are the most profitable?

What type of game/creation can be more profitable?

  • A Roleplay Game (e.g Frappé)
  • A Simulator/Tycoon/Obby
  • A Combat Game
  • Hangout Style Games (Labor Day 2019 Hangout etc.)
  • Other (please specify and I will add it!)

Would love some opinions on this.

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Hard question to answer. People always label Simulator games as “cash grab”, but a zero-progression roleplaying game can be just as effective at monetization, if not even better.

On top of this: you can design any genre of game to make you money. Even if profitability had a genre ranking, the #1 genre will only make as much as it’s designed potential. Monetization is a hard thing to master, I’d focus less on genre and more on enjoyability. The more players enjoy your game, the more they will be willing to spend money on it.


Depends on the monetization, but I think you definitely have to go with the second option, Simulators.

They’re cash-grabs.

But… then again, I think it all depends on how you monetize the game. Hangout games for certain holidays, etc. are great monetization games as-well.

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To be honest, any game can make profit. As long as you have ways to keep players coming back (Daily rewards, challenges, etc), then you can make profit. Like Fm_Trick said, focus on how to keep players entertained and let them enjoy their time in the game. Try to figure out ways to keep them coming back to play more.


All games are profitable except for games that are clearly made stictly as cash-grabs. Those die faster than any other game.

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That isn’t actually true. I know some people who made games strictly as cash grabs and they worked…

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Could you provide examples of a zero-progression roleplaying game? (I’m assuming you add zero-progression here to exclude games like Dungeon Quest)

I’m not familiar with this subset of games so some examples would be helpful

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Adopt Me and Royale High are two examples.

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Any game that you play a role but do not progress in any way. Wolve’s Life is a good example.


Games that allow players to craft their own experience are the ones that will last in the long term. The category doesn’t matter much here, it comes down more so to how the game is designed. Any top earning game you will play on Roblox has a fun loop that allows players to be who they want to be.


I would honestly have to say that most likely roleplay games like Frappe because not only do you pay for gamepasses, In-game products, clothes and stuff like that. You then also sometimes have to pay it twice or even three times each time the roleplay game comes out with a new version, though I’m not saying other games can’t be as profitable because some simulators can gain a lot of robux too due to the high amount of gamepasses and in-game products that are actually available to the player. I love this question and it’s interesting with how many different responses there can be to this question.

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Adopt Me has progression. The progress is through your house as opposed to your standard level up/gear system.

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Wouldn’t no progression hurt retention?

Based on personal experience, it depends on the actual quality of the game, not just the genre. My simulator ranks average in monetization, others rank very highly, others rank very low.

That being said, I know owners of roleplay games such as hospitals, prisons, etc. These type of games can have very high ARPUs because there is not a lot to do without paying, and the gamepasses are generally expensive.

I’d suggest that you focus on a game you want to make that could be fun for players. If your game is fun, people will spend money on it. If you only focus on making as much money as possible chances are you’re going to make a game that isn’t as enjoyable for the players.

TLDR: Simulators and roleplay/non-progessional games generally do well, but any game can make a lot of money if players enjoy it and you monetize it correctly.

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A simulator is indeed a cash-grab in my opinion, I’d say the most profitable category of games are simulators, they get robux very quickly and as long as you make it good with great art, UI’s, and a great game, all that great stuff you’ll have a successful simulator.