Which causes more lag? Decals or meshparts?


On the left I’m using a decal (206 bytes, heavily compressed I know, still looks decent) and on the right I’m using two meshparts. (The white indicator lines)

I feel like it’s a dumb question but I don’t know the answer, should I be using the decal or using the meshparts? Meshparts have CanCollide off and their collision set to Box.

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Question, what exactly is everything made of. So for the left cone, is it a mesh for the base, a cylinder, and a decal, and for the right one is the base a mesh, and then two cylinder meshes to make the stripes and such?

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Yes you’re correct, everything is made of meshparts, they all have the same Mesh ID.

(Besides the decals on the left, 4 decals on each side so the lines go all the way around)

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Since you are already using mesh parts I would suggest just having the entire model being a single mesh part, and either using vertex painting or UV mapping with a very small texture being used for the mesh part.


Idk how to UV map at all, for a short term solution, are decals or meshparts better?

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Mesh parts would be better without UV mapping.

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Mesh parts. You can’t Union CGS Items. Decals are just the Texture of a Part or Mesh