Which game would be most likely to succeed?

I recently made 3 games, 2 are obbies the other is a pvp game.

Which would you think would mostly likely succeed? Also i do not have the funds or skills to make my own guns for the pvp game! Nor do i have funds in general to hire a builder and so on.

Except i do have another question for future reference. What is the average amount of robux needed to be paid to commision someone to make me a gun?

The games:




Ignore pixelated thumbnails :3.

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on pistol war i see you used a free model form roblox of pistols

also they glitch the camera and you cant click the donation buttons

on lava floor i can spam jump on kill brick and i didnt die but cool building!

and on stay up is cool obby very cool :+1:

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Thanks! Like i said i do not have the funds or skills to make my own guns and i have thought of some ways to make the kill brick on lava floor actually kill you e.g by making it no collide until you get to the bottom and so on.

Well I’m also a bad thing with this weapons but could you prove that when you touch the block they teleport you

Good luck!


Generally, prices vary from a person to another depending on many factors. But generally, if you’re looking for someone to make you a gun model then script it/animate it for you, it would probably take anywhere from R$1000 to 5000 R$ depending on the gun model itself.

However, you can still find cheaper prices but with a questionable quality, i would say anywhere below R$1000.