Which Graphics Mode on the Render tab is best for realism?

Hello, i am currently making an realistic open world survival game. I am wondering which Rendering Graphics Mode is the best for realism? I am talking about the studio settings.

Level 21. Sounds very obvious.

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Hi, there.

It depends on what you want to do. If I was going for a realistic feel it would be more about the models and structures in the game including the landscape. I don’t recommend messing around with your Roblox settings in general unless it’s the rendering quality level setting as it promotes the realistic feel you want. Overall, just the in-game settings that refer to its graphics and add-ons is what I suggest adjusting.

However, for graphic settings I would consider:

Go to Explorer - Workshop - Lighting.
You can change the sky (what it looks like) and where the moon and sun appear.
In the lighting setting itself, you can change things like the Brightness, GlobalShadows activating, ShadowSoftness, Ambient, ClockTime, and ExposureCompensation.
You can also add on features by pressing the + button next to lighting.
This allows you to add things like SunRayEffects, ColourCorrectionEffects, BloomEffects, and BlurEffects.

Go to Explorer - Workshop - Terrain.
You can click the Decoration setting and it will add detailed grass that moves, very beneficial for realism. You can also change the WaterColour, WaterReflectance, WaterTransparency, WaterWaveSize, and WaterWaveSpeed.

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rather go for Vulkan instead of OpenGL (mostly installed for AMD and NVIDIA)

Vulkan will use GPU to render mostly than CPU Resulting with low overheat

Not only it is low overheat but it boosts your FPS to most of the game and better performance

Note that if your Device is MacOS it will mostly causes sometimes not working
also causing FPS nerfed and CPU throttle


I was talking about the mode, not the quality level.

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Thanks for the tips, i will for sure use these in my game!

Thank you, this was just what i was looking for!

FYI, those modes are not something that is game wide. Depending on the players device, it will use a different render mode.

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