Which Gravestone Looks Better? (Materials)

Anyone have a strong opinion on which Roblox material looks better on the below gravestones I made on Blender? Only my second mesh I’ve made, sidenote that there is a part stuffed in the “Grave” engraving to help with the visibility of the text.

Concrete Material

Slate Material

Example of several of both types with their surroundings (left concrete, right slate). In this photo, the plate inside the mesh to help see the text is material>Concrete.

I might have been able to make my own texture, but honestly I’m not sure if UVUnwrapping on blender and slapping down some nodes and such would actually result in something applicable to Roblox.

The vote seems quite even, but Slate is the victor (right side of comparison picture). I quite liked the thought of displaying age in the level, slate being the better choice for that.


I personally prefer the second one, but it ultimately decides on the style you’re going for.


I’d go with the first one, way smoother and easier on the eye and it could blend better imo.


There isn’t really a style, It’s just a gravestone. The game has maps that swap out, the gravestone will end up on grass near a dirt bump to make it look better, but the atmosphere likely wont be ‘spooky’. Also there should be several, might even have a boss enemy type use it.

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Hmm i think you should use the first one because it look kinda comfy and it really smooth !


I prefer the slate one idk any particular reason but Its like slate fits the best.


First one, very smooth and clean looking. Slate is used for more rough and ragged objects in my opinion.
Also I don’t think graves literally just have the word “grave” on it, lol

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Slate Material Personally Due to its detail and fine touchs.

I’d prefer the first one if you’re going for a polished look, the 2nd is ok.

The second one looks even better then the first one.
Good luck!

I like the slate gravestone, but when you took the comparison picture, the concrete gravestone looked more appealing. I guess it’s because it’s more simple?
Whatever you choose is fine by me. (but I suggest using the concrete for bulk gravestone purposes)

Personally, the second. But neither are really that suited… you should try to add your own texture. The grave letters is a cool touch but you should add names because having “GRAVE” on it is a little redundant and odd. It’s also a bit hard to see the engraved words so you could put a thin block where grave is engraved into and make the block lighter/darker so it’s easier to read :+1:

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Depends upon the timeframe. If you want them to look older, choose slate. If you want them to look less wore, you should go for concrete.

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I chose grave on purpose since there isn’t intended to be anyone at the grave. I do have a hidden part of different color within the engraving to help see, I just haven’t decided if I want to engraving very easy to see, or moderately.

I did like concrete due to the clearness but since I didn’t spend time adding cracks into the gravestone/tombstone (probably a difference?) I do like the idea of slate to signify age.

Definitely slate. It looks way more realistic, and with concrete it just looks like a 2d image in my opinion.

If you were making a realistic game, I’d go for the 2nd one, but if it was just a low poly game, then I’d go for the 1st one.