Which hologram looks better?

Making a hologram logo based on my most recent animation in blender and im wondering which one looks better.

Hologram 1:

Hologram 2:

What hologram looks better?
  • Hologram 1
  • Hologram 2

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The second one. It just has more vibrant lights and all. Maybe you could add more colors? Wait, this is a logo. If that’s possible, add a second color or something. What I actually came to say is Hologram 2. It’s good, It looks really good with the vibrant lights.

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Dont holograms usually consist of 1 - 2 colors? And if there is more then one there usually relatively the same.

While 2 is more vibrant, it also gets a bit confusing looking when rotating around it.
2 loses the impact of it standing out if you can’t recognize it immediately.


The 2nd one looks like with more quality I guess, both looks great but the 2nd one would be the best option.

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