Which Is Better, an Attack Dash or a Normal Dash?

I’ve been trying to make a battleground-like game for a while now (it’s taking me waaaaay too long lol), and I wanted to base my game off of a game called “The Strongest Battlegrounds.” Although, I don’t want my game to feel like a soulless copy of “The Strongest Battlegrounds” just with a different theme like a lot of battleground games on Roblox feel like, so I wanted to try to switch it up a bit, and the first thing that I’m thinking of switching up is the attack dash. With the information that I have right now, “The Strongest Battlegrounds” is the game that created, or at least populated the attack dash on Roblox (it probably has an official name but that doesn’t really matter right now), and from what I can tell, a lot of battleground games are using this form of dashing in their games. Since I’m trying to differentiate my game from the rest, I’ve been considering opting for the more traditional, normal dash for my game, but I’ve been wondering, is that a bad idea? Because most, if not all battleground games are using the attack dash (at least from what I can tell), and players may rather have a more unoriginal attack dash, than a more original normal dash (I know the originality is subjective, but I digress). In my opinion, people would probably appreciate something their more familiar with more than something that they used to use (if that makes sense), but I wanted to get peoples opinions on it so yeah. There’s a poll below if you want to give your opinion, and if you want to explain why your going with said opinions, then you can reply with your reasoning. Thank you for your input in advance.


  • Attack dash is the way to go.
  • Normal dash the best. Go with this one.

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Wouldn’t a normal front dash essentially be a longer range side dash? (Seeing how people use side dashes in TSB)

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How is basic dash more original than an attack dash is beyond my understanding of game design, but players prefer what feels better and attack-dashes do, usually, feel better. Because of the attack part. Unless your game world has a lot of moving around, which would make empty attack-dashing around look a bit goofy.

The obvious solution would be having a dash that transitions into an attack dash if an attack button was pressed right after the move started.


What a great idea! I forgot I could do that lol.

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