Which is better, loot crates or daily changing shops?

Loot Crates as in you buy the chest and you get the loot (skin, knife, etc) that’s randomly chosen from a table.

Daily Changing Shop as in every 24 hours the shop changes. Here are some cons and pros I thought of for this:

  • Pro: It’s nice knowing every 24 hours the shop will have a chance of new game material instead of just being stuck with the same old loot crate outcomes.
  • Con: Users might not want to wait 24 hours to get new skins/knifes/etc.
  • Loot Crates
  • Daily Changing Shops

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I feel like an option should be both. Keep in mind the difference is that one is random, but the other you know what you’re getting. A healthy mix of the two should work fine.

Also note you can update what is inside the loot crate.

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I’ll probably do a mix of both, maybe keeping the daily shop items out of the loot crate?

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You could actually do both. Adopt me implements both versions. They have gifts with items that change here and there every month or so. Their legendary vehicle is changed every week to rush people.

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Probably the best idea here. But remember, this is up to you.

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Well it would certainly be interesting to have different crates that are daily things

so the shop would change what crates/items you could find each day or week, youll never know if youll miss something cool and you would want to to comeback to find out about somthing cool, it would certainly bring me back.

I’d say both would add to whatever game you’re making.

I feel like what you want to keep in mind is what type of game you’re creating and whatever monetization will suit it. It’s definitely possible to implement both [take a look at Clash Royale; they have chests available for purchase and have card rotations + deals daily]

There is no real “better” because again, it will vary depending on the game you’re trying to create. I chose the daily changing shop option as loot crates tend to have players complaining about morality issues [also see this post about lootbox guidelines] but then again, it’s whatever floats your boat; it’s also not mentioned whether or not you would stick to one option only and I would highly advise adding both.

As previously mentioned above, there is a difference between both being that lootcrates are chance and daily shops are guaranteed. Generally it tends to land on the type of game you want to implement - chance outcome, daily options, or both? I know All Star Tower Defense uses a shop with hourly changes and chances to get specific units for the game.

tl;dr both are fine, it depends on the type of game you’re going for and the type of monetization you wish to implement

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Like the other person said, it depends a lot on what type of game you are creating.

However, I generally dislike loot crates. My problem with them is that many games (both AAA and Roblox) tend to make the loot crates exclusively accessible through Robux. Many of these loot crates also contain randomized items with ridiculous rates. People buy these crates mostly for the rarest items, and they usually tend to have very low percentages (some are literally lower than 1%). What this leads to is a ton of players wasting robux (and potentially real money) just to get a spin for the best item. Sure, they’ll be happy with some of the items in the crate, but for the most part, they’ll see the lower-tier items as filler content. I know this trick makes a ton of money, but is it really ethical? Especially for people that are easily prone to addiction?

If you’re adding loot crates, make them accessible to players who want to play for free, and make them more fair. Don’t make them feel like they wasted their money for nothing.

I like a shop system that switches every 24 hours. It keeps players engaged and coming back to the game, and it still gives you revenue. Sure, it’s a little impulsive, but at least they are getting what they actually paid for.

I think you should also have a standard shop that doesn’t refresh, just for any player to buy those products whenever they want.

For what I’m creating, the daily shop system would be for cosmetics added to weapons. These cosmetics would be trade-able.

The non-changing shop would just be the default weapon itself. For instance you can buy an AK-47 whenever, but if you wanted the ‘Tsunami’ skin for it you’d have to buy it before the 24 hours are over.

If you care about revenue the most, then do crates only.

I myself am not a big fan of Daily Changing Shops as much as Loot Crates, but if the items sometimes show again then i guess its not that bad.

Maybe don’t make it daily but weekly? That way people will have more time to get cash for your items.

And Loot Crates aren’t really that much of a wonderland, since there are the procents for legendary and basic and such.

Both of these systems are pretty much begging for a trade system, so yeah.

But choose on what you feel like or on the votes. I’m not one to judge.

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It comes down to my preference but from a standpoint of whatever integrity is in me as a developer, I would have shop rotations. This way, players know exactly what’s on the table before the next reset and have a chance to snag whatever they like if they have the right currency. Loot dropping is where I put my randomisation in and add monetisation to increase chances for rarer loot.

I can understand why some may pick to use lootboxes or a gacha system but that’s exactly where it goes wrong for me - those systems are meant to make you feel like it’s good to keep rolling those items and expend so much on them. Unless I really feel that building my finances is enough of a concern to throw out my morals, I’m on a grey area with lootboxes. I prefer my players don’t get frustrated and spend so much to get their favourite items, yet have a window to claim them.

I suppose in the end it really does come down to preference though. You could even have both in your game and the rewards could be similar or entirely exclusive.

Whats wrong with both?

Or maybe a crate that every day it changes?