Which is better, ProfileService or DataStoreService? and How ProfileService works

Hi guys, I have a lot of interest in scripts these days, so I have a question Like I said above, what’s the difference between the two and which is better? and How ProfileService works?

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There is a whole Forum Post about ProfileService

ProfileService is a module that basically helps with preventing Data Loss, and allows you to do a lot more than DataStore2
It can also work or “Massive” Projects.

DataStoreService is just DataStoreService

It just Gets and Saves Data, while having Data Loss sometimes, the ProfileService module basically just helps with Data Protection, Data loss Prevention.

Personally I prefer to just use DataStoreService
I rather make my own systems.

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Thank you for explaing it, it will be very helpful

I recommend using ProfileService in future projects as it handles data loss and duplication very well, and it just has a few extra really useful features.

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I recommend profile service since it allows for ease and session locking which is really important.

However it is not fit for all use cases such as a clan system so sometimes you’ll need to use both.

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