Which is better?

Hello I am Cozmo015, A Programmer I am here to ask which of these is better
1 was made by me and 2 was by my brother who makes pixel builds

1 is

2 is

(Ignore the light, I will fix that after)

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keep in mind I am not a builder


Could I ask what your wanting feedback on (saying “which one looks better” doesn’t give us much if you’re more talking about the background image of the game).

I would say there isn’t much information giving into the thread If you’re talking about the background image, then I would possibly pick neither, because there showcasing items on the ground that doesn’t give information on what the game is about. To me, I’m getting confused since the thread doesn’t have much information in it, if you’re assuming the background, I would say add more in the first image it seems like the terrain is cut off and the character seems to be behind the text.

You should showcase more of the game, not the text and characters. But it’ll help determine what the game is about with little information in the screenshot.


Not gonna lie the first one is really ugly… I can see the sky and the edge of the world, add more terrain, for the second one I can see the sky through the blocks into the ground, second one is better though…

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local function SpinToDeath(plr)
for i = 1,1000,1 do

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I appologise for the lack of info I wanted to get the post out as soon as possible as I was busy that day

Anywho, So the game is a open world game with quests, artifacts you can collect and sell for gold (Once per artifact) and use that gold for better weapons. you can also find armor along the way.

as for what I wanted judged I just wanted to know which one looks more appealing.

Thanks for the feedback, It was really beneficial!
: )