Which lighting style is best for cartoon style maps?

Hey Developers!

So, I’m currently working on a game that’s supposed to be made in a low poly style however, I’m unsure as to what lighting style I should use. I’ve heard voxel is a good choice but I’m not sure.

If you would be so kind as to give me some feedback, I would be grateful.

Thank you! :smiley:


you should make a poll, but i would say voxel is the best.


I suggest Volex but with ColorCorrection and more…


It depends shadow map and voxel are good lighting for cartoony builds or simulators I heard shadow map is good, but in order to capture a decent effect you’ll need to play with the lighting insert different effects to capture what suits your liking. The lighting should match with the overall game It quite depends on the style you’re trying to achieve.

I would recommend to use shadow map. In my opinion, if you get the shadow map lighting setting correct, it would look really nice:

I’ll play with the objects you can insert into lighting, such as, Ambient, Brightness, Color Correction ect. You could Play with the brightness in the lighting tab: You could also play with the other settings in there to get the theme you want. Here are a few threads that’ll help you along the way they leave useful information that you could try and use it’s all up to you:

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Bethink, the creator of AdoptMe, sent out a tweet with her recommended cartoony lighting settings.

In her tweet, she suggested:

  • Color Correction with:
    • 0.2 Brightness
    • 0.1 Contrast
    • 0.12 Saturation
    • TintColor of [255,243,235]

Try Voxel lighting.
Really though, play around with you light settings to see what fits.





As somebody who uses lighting a lot for my builds I would say for a low-poly type map that is cartoony and made for entertainment purposes I would say that depending if it is a simulator I would mess with color correction and turn on Shadow map I would be sure that the shadows are not very strong. However if it is a game like adopt me that is simple and not a simulator I would not mess with Shadow maps I would keep it out of voxel. Lighting can be tricky but if you look up on the forums you can find plenty of tutorials on how to help your game look 10 times better. Lighting can be tricky but if you look up on the forums you can find plenty of tutorials on how to help your game look 10 times better!

I would recommend if you have any trouble finding any lighting tutorials I would go to YouTube because YouTube is a very reliable source and that is how I got the best at lighting.

Happy Building!

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